Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hot Fuzz

From the folks that brought you "Shaun of The Dead", "Hot Fuzz" is a loving satire of almost every action cop movie from the 80's and 90's. Played for laughs and yet deadly serious, this British comedy works on many levels.

What makes the serious nature of the film so funny is the presence of so many distinguished English actors. Steve Coogan, Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman, Edward Woodward, Jim Broadbent, and Timothy Dalton are the most recognizable faces for an American audience and they are all terrific in both minor and major roles. The lead character, Sgt. Nicholas Angel, is played by Simon Pegg, who also co-wrote the film. His dim witted side kick, P.C. Danny Butterman, is played by Nick Frost.

Sgt. Angel is a super cop making the rest of the London police force look bad so he is promptly promoted and sent off to work in a sleepy little village in the English countryside. Of course, nothing is what it seems and total mayhem ensues. There are liberal amounts of blood and gore in the more violent moments which are so over the top, the filmmakers could only think "more gore equals more laughs" and you'll swear Michael Bay directed the last 20 minutes. If you're a fan of British humor in a "Monty Python" vein, grab a pint and don't miss "Hot Fuzz".

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