Friday, April 18, 2008

The Ruins

I really Enjoyed Scott Smith's "A Simple Plan", both the book and the film adaptation.
This lead me to read his second book, "The Ruins". A quick read that was disappointing after such a great debut. Having read the book though, I finally decided to check out the Hollywood version.

The film follows the book pretty faithfully with a few minor changes. The biggest difference is the lack of any character development in the film. Therefore, you couldn't care less when bad things start happening to good people. The horror here turns out to be a pretty silly thing but the film does manage some suspense along the way.

The acting is minimal and the biggest name in the cast is Jenna Malone, who usually does a great job in Indie films. The story starts out with a decent premise but what eventually happens is never explained. Hollywood also tinkers with the ending.

Be warned, there are some gruesome scenes. One character has their legs amputated under less than ideal conditions and another character goes mad and mutilates their own body.

A good idea...ruined.

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