Sunday, July 06, 2008


I must admit I had reservations about seeing this and wrote it off as another cute summer kids flick that didn't deserve my time. After reading all the positive reviews, I changed my mind and I'm certainly glad I did.

This film is simply brilliant. The animation is superb. There are times it doesn't even seem animated, especially in the early sequences on a desolate earth thousands of years in the future. The plot starts as a simple boy meets girl story (substitute robots) but soon you come to realize there is a much larger message here.

It is a story that is heartfelt and tender yet filled with gentle laughs and surprising action. What the film has to say about consumerism and ecology is deliberately scary and will go over the heads of small kids. In fact, "Wall-E" really shouldn't be seen by anyone under 10 years old.

"Wall-E" doesn't pander to it's audience and is filled with many stunning sequences. It is a film that adults can appreciate even without bringing the kids.

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