Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Go Lucky

From writer/director Mike Leigh comes a charming story of an eternal optimist. The film has all but disappeared from most theaters but is well worth hunting down. It has made quite a few Top 10 lists for this year and much about it is merited.

Sally Hawkins stars as Poppy, a free spirited young woman who rolls with life's punches with a smile and laugh. Ms. Hawkins is wonderful in the role and you can't help getting caught up in her good nature and positive outlook. When her bike is stolen Poppy signs up for driving lessons and Scott, her instructor turns out to be her exact opposite. This makes for some terrific scenes during the driving lessons. During the course of the film, Poppy encounters many of life's curveballs but she keeps swinging away affecting everyone around her.

This is a "small film" filled with many little pleasures. The acting is terrific and Mr. Leigh's direction, as always, is simple and direct, letting his actors create their roles along the way. You can't help but feel good after "Happy Go Lucky".

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