Sunday, January 11, 2009

Revolutionary Road

Sam Mendes directs his wife, Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio in this suburban period piece. Reunited after starring together in "Titanic", this serious exploration of a marriage cracking at the seems, couldn't be more different than that box office titan.

The direction is excellent and the cinematography beautiful. The acting is what you'd expect from Mr. DiCaprio and Ms. Winslet. They both give their best to inhabit these characters. Ms. Winslet, in particular, is simply amazing and I'm convinced can do anything at this point in her career. Michael Shannon in a minor role does outstanding work in his scenes and helps bring out DiCaprio's best. What bothers me about the film is the script. Frankly, watching these two unlikeable characters come apart is boring. They have two children who we barely see and for all their scenes together, only a few really crackle with energy.The film also seems to end on four different occasions which is not the best sign for a good script.

The TV show "Madmen" captures the same period and characters better than this film. The complicated marriages in Madmen has much more depth of it's characters and their relationships. Save "Revolutionary Road" for DVD and be glad "Madmen" has been renewed for another season.

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