Sunday, April 12, 2009


You "know" it's Spring when films like this can stay in the top 5 for weeks. "Knowing" is a weak script thrown in a blender with so many plot points from other movies that it comes out smooth but very bland.

Nicholas Cage stars in this "thriller" as an astro-physicist who figures out the end of the world when his son is handed a seemingly random page of numbers. The scribbled page was written and buried in a time capsule fifty years ago by a little girl who "heard" voices in her head. Without "knowing" too much, the film drags on with "X-Files" dialogue, a very disturbing plane crash, and some creepy men in raincoats.

Mr. Cage, along with Rose Byrne( both playing very serious) jump through the plot holes until the big reveal at the end. There are a few more disturbing scenes of catastrophe spaced throughout the film and it all adds up to nothing original.

Kudos to the film's composer as the soundtrack succeeds in sustaining a reasonable amount of suspense. What does it say when the music drives the film, rather than the plot? "Knowing" what happens only left me with more questions.

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