Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Proposal

Romantic comedies are not really my favorite genre but my daughter picked this one so off we went. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it is a stereotypical story of opposites attracting and fairly unbelievable but it works because of the chemistry of it's stars, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

Ms. Bullock is adept at physical comedy and not afraid to poke fun at herself. Mr. Reynolds has an easy charm about him and wonderful facial expressions. The two stars really click together and combine to make the film a lighthearted romp that works even though you know the end even before the film starts.

Betty White co-stars as the feisty grandmother (also a very typical role) but finds a way to infuse her own charm into the character. Other co-stars are Craig T. Nelson (nice to see him working again) and Mary Steenburgen as the parents, Denis O'Hare as a cocky Immigration officer and Oscar Nunez (so good on The Office but a setback for Latin American actors here).

There's a fun epilogue during the credits so don't rush to leave when the film ends.

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