Sunday, August 09, 2009

In The Loop

This new film is a hilarious biting satire of government officials and the inner sanctums they inhabit. The film is a BBC production that takes place in England, Washington and The United Nations. The beauty of this film is in the razor sharp dialog and you must pay attention or you'll quickly be lost.

This is a very funny film following hapless British officials back and forth across the Atlantic to either help start a war or avert one (at some point I don't think they are even sure). The film will demand multiple viewings as much of the dialog is drowned out by audience laughter.

Many of the stars are not familiar to US audiences but you will be sure to remember Peter Capaldi as the senior official with the most foul and funny language. Tom Hollander is also brilliant as Simon Foster, another hapless diplomat. There are some familiar American names in the cast. James Gandolfini plays a very funny General (who would have been right at home in Dr. Strangelove), Mimi Kennedy and David Rasche play the American Government counterparts and they are both excellent as well. And rounding out the great cast is Anna Chlumsky as Ms. Kennedy's assistant. I don't think Ms. Chlumsky has been in a feature film since she co-starred as the title character in "My Girl" with Macaulay Culkin.

The screenplay is by Jesse Armstrong and it is Oscar worthy. It is smart, cutting and just plain hysterical. In a summer laden with CGI effects and animation, "In The Loop" is an original breath of fresh (and funny) air.

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