Sunday, September 06, 2009

World's Greatest Dad

Written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, this is one dark comedy. While not as twisted as "Shakes The Clown" , "World's Greatest Dad" uses a rather nasty plot device to reveal a film with a strong emotional core. That said, this is not a mainstream film and will not be for everyone.

Robin Williams is just terrific as a dad coping with a poor excuse for a son. When tragedy strikes (in a unusual way), an opportunity arises by accident and sets in motion very unexpected results. Mr. Williams plays this role very straight and shows his best dramatic side since "Insomnia" and "One Hour Photo". The subject matter is dark but Mr. Goldthwait shows maturity in his writing and keeps the film honest even when his protagonist isn't.

The film co-stars Daryl Sabara as Mr. Williams son, Kyle. This is not the cute kid you remember from "Spy Kids". Also featured is Henry Simmons, Alexie Gilmore, and Evan Martin as Kyle's best friend, Andrew. Mr. Martin is very good as the kid who is sharper than anyone thinks.

This is the type of film that won't draw a big audience but one day may reach cult status. I look forward to seeing more from Mr. Goldthwait.

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