Monday, May 31, 2010

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Fans of this bestselling book will appreciate the work of the film's screenwriters. They have managed to trim the fat, streamline the story and for the most part, keep all the integrity of the book. I say most part, because I was disappointed in the ending. However, it's a minor point, especially for people who haven't read the book and are seeing the story through fresh eyes. Whether you know the story or not going in, it's a terrific mystery with clever plotting and unexpected twists.

The cast is excellent, especially Michael Nyqvist as Mikael Bomkvist and Noomi Rapace. Ms. Rapace, is remarkable as Lisbeth Salander. She captures the spirit and physical aspects of Lisbeth perfectly. She breathes life into Lisbeth with subtle facial expressions as well as broad strokes. She is an exciting actress to watch and I look forward to her recreating the role in the sequel.

The film is in Swedish subtitles but remains easy to follow for an American audience. There are moments of horrific violence but as in the book, they are important to the characters and the story. An American version is in the works with reportedly, Brad Pitt to star and David Finchner to direct. Mr. Finchner is a great choice to direct and Mr. Pitt, I'm sure will make a fine journalist but the success of the film will turn on who is cast as Lisbeth Salander. But don't wait. The original will grab you from the start and not disappoint.

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