Friday, June 25, 2010

Jonah Hex

What is Josh Brolin thinking? Coming off terrific work in "No Country For Old Men" and "W", he picks this western based on a comic book for a follow-up? Josh, come on...I know Megan Fox is your co-star but really??

Based on the DC comic, "Jonah Hex" is the story of a disfigured bounty hunter looking for revenge against the men who killed his family. Mercifully the film is a mere 81 minutes but we still have to sit through wooden acting or in Ms. Fox's case, no acting and in John Malkovich's case, overacting. The premise is interesting only because of the supernatural twist (Mr. Hex can speak to the dead) but otherwise, this type of film has been done many times and much better. Ms. Fox appears on screen looking very pretty in her low cut bodice and if pretty were talent, she'd already have an Academy Award. Mr. Malkovich hams it up as the villain of the piece and while nice to see Will Arnett and Adian Quinn, their talents are totally wasted in small bland roles.

If you are a fan of the comic, which I was at one time, you'll want to see this out of curiosity, otherwise rent "The Outlaw Josey Wales".

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