Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

What easily might be misinterpreted as another "torture porn" film in the vein of "Saw" or "Hostel" is actually nothing like that. Instead, the British import, "Alice Creed" takes a well prepared kidnapping and turns it south but not before many twists and turns in the road. There are scenes of violence as well as sexual situations and language but it is far from over the top and used sparingly without being exploitive.

This film reminded me a bit of an earlier British crime thriller, "Shallow Grave". All may not be what it seems and to say anything more would be unforgivable. The plot twists keep coming and I enjoyed every turn. The three character cast does a good job of keeping you guessing right up to the end.

Gemma Arterton stars as "Alice", the kidnap victim and while she plays most of the film tied to a bed with a gag in her mouth, she still manages to convey a wide range throughout the story. The only other characters are the kidnappers, Vic and Danny, played respectively by Eddie Marsan, (so good in "Happy Go Lucky") and Martin Compston ("The Damn United" and "Red Road").

There is some clever camera work particularly in the opening sequence and a great scene involving a bullet casing (which makes an interesting reappearance later on). Writer/Director J Blakeson takes a familiar plot and makes it fresh with the help of his talented cast.

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