Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let Me In

A Hollywood remake that actually gets it right and is as good or possibly even better than the original, "Let The Right One In". This is a atmospheric, creepy and at times, horrific vampire movie that sets itself apart from any other vampire/horror film coming out of the Hollywood machine today.

As lonely 12 year old Owen befriends the mysterious Abby, brutal killings begin to occur. Writer/director Matt Reeves, known for "Cloverfield", does an terrific job, first adapting the screenplay and then slowly building the suspense, driving excellent performances from his young actors. Kodi Smit-McPhee plays Owen and he acts way beyond his years with heartbreaking conviction. Chole Grace Moretz (the breakout star of "Kick-Ass") plays Abby, with a winning seduction of both Owen and the audience. One of the creepiest character actors working today, Elias Koteas, plays the fairly normal role of the policeman investigating the killings. And the wonderful Richard Jenkins also stars in a very pivotal role which I will not reveal.

Mr. Reeves sets up wonderful camera angles, unusual points of view, and makes great use of both the light and the dark. While much of the film is a slow build of dread, there are enough flashes of horror to jolt the viewer through to its inevitable conclusion. I can't imagine this film doing great box office as today's horror audiences want quick shock value. "Let Me In" will reward a patient audience and may haunt you long after it's over.

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