Friday, November 26, 2010

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Let's be real here. We're up to film number seven in the series. At this point, you're either a fan or couldn't care less. And if you are a fan, the film is pretty much critic proof. Warner Brothers decided to split the last book into two films. They claimed it was to enrich the story. Since we're being real here, let's be honest and realize they are milking the Harry Potter cash cow to the last drop.

The film picks up where we've left off with Harry and his friends on the run from the forces of Voldemort, trying to find the Horcruxes that will destroy Voldemort's power. The most original thing about the film is how it opens up the story from the confines of Hogwarts and ends up a travelogue for the British Isles. Otherwise, it's all the characters you've come to love (or hate) doing what they do best.

The film could have been done in one part if it didn't need to include countless scenes of Harry, Hermione, and Ron sitting around beautiful locations contemplating their next move in the war against Voldemort. There are some well done action sequences but they are far and few between. The look of the film is consistent with the others in the series. Dark is the operative word both figuratively and literally.

It's been fun to watch stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rubert Grint grow up and mature with each film. And as for the supporting cast, I think every British actor (with the exception of Hugh Grant) makes an appearance in "Part 1". There's still time for Hugh to show up in "Part 2".

I have to hold off complete judgment until "Part 2" next year when the series finally comes to an end. Wow, think of all the British actors who will end up "on the dole" after that.

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