Saturday, December 25, 2010


"Tron: Legacy" in IMAX 3-D is less a movie and more an amusement park ride. You are totally immersed in the digital world of the grid and it truly stimulates the senses. The audio and visual effects are wonderful and it really is quite the ride.

On the other hand, the plot is thin and the acting fairly robotic (especially considering two of the major characters are non-human). Jeff Bridges does double duty here as his image from the original film (some 30 years ago) is digital reproduced as the villain, "CLU" and he also plays his current age as Flynn, the inventor of Tron, trapped in his own creation. Garrett Hedlund, plays Sam, his adult son, drawn into the digital world who reunites with his father to bring down "CLU". Mr. Hedlund handles himself well in all the action sequences and also gets some help from the digital creation "Quorra", played by Olivia Wilde. The film also brings back Bruce Boxleitner (the original Tron) in a sentimental small role. Rounding out the major cast of characters is Michael Sheen, playing a digitally androgynous character named "Castor" who comes across as David Bowie circa "Ziggy Stardust".

Aside from the obvious father-son connection, the thread of a plot is concerned with "CLU" invading the real world with a digital army. There's lots of cyber speak and Mr. Bridges, as Flynn, talks a lot of Zen philosophy but you don't go to see Tron for the plot. This is all about the visuals and they are stunning. The "games" and various chase sequences are lots of fun and if you don't try to hard to understand the story, you will have a good time "lost" in this digital landscape.

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