Saturday, January 01, 2011

Best & Worst of 2010

BEST OF 2010

10) Winter’s Bone- Chilling realism. A glimpse into the underbelly of contemporary rural America with outstanding performances.

9) City Island- Extremely enjoyable light comedy with a great performance by Andy Garcia.

8) Toy Story 3- Superb animation and a fun filled, heartwarming story. It’s still the best.

7) The Fighter- Crowd pleasing true story of boxer Mickey Ward and his crazy family. Excellent performances all around.

6) Micmacs- French comedy from Jean-Pierre Jeunet that is an an absolute delight.

5) Black Swan- A seductive and controversial ballet thriller with a great performance by Natalie Portman.

4) Inception- Christopher Nolan does it again in this visual mindbender. We're still debating "the top".

3) The King’s Speech- Fantastic performance by Colin Firth as well as Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter in this true story of King George VI.

2) 127 Hours- Actor James Franco & Director Danny Boyle team up to create an amazing journey from a least expected situation.

1) The Social Network- The smartest and surprisingly entertaining film of the year. Great script, direction and acting.

Honorable Mention-

Let Me In- A very different sort of vampire movie.

Barney's Version- Terrific drama starring the amazing Paul Giamatti with strong support from Dustin Hoffman, Minnie Driver and Rosamund Pike.

The Secret In Their Eyes
- Rich, absorbing and intelligent, drama.


10) Shutter Island- very disappointing mess from Martin Scorsese.

9) Middlemen- Luke Wilson is terrific in a very mediocre movie.

8) Alice In Wonderland- Very disappointing. Johnny Depp lifeless as the mad hatter and Tim Burton landscapes are rehashed from previous work.

7) Robin Hood- Give me Errol Flynn.

6) Jonah Hex- Don’t bother. God knows the actors didn’t.

5) Resident Evil: "Afterlife"- There isn’t any and the 3D was lame. Even fans of the series have to admit enough is enough.

4) Knight & Day- Awful action mess. A big misstep for Cruise and Diaz.

3) Killers- Ugh. Kill me now.

2) Clash of The Titans- Boring and terrible in 3-D. Only three decent moments.

1) Cop Out-
Possibly the worst "buddy-cop" movie ever. Bruce Willis just showed up for his paycheck.

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