Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Guard

Writer/ director John Michael McDonagh has his brother's sense of dark comedy but lacks the skill to pull it off as brilliantly as brother Martin. Getting a top notch performance out of Brendan Gleeson and a subtle low key performance out of Don Cheadle is not enough to elevate this independent crime comedy to the level of an "In Bruges" (a far better mismatched black comedy starring Mr. Gleeson and Colin Farrel).

The story is almost an afterthought to bring attention to the wry use of language and Mr. Gleeson's portrait of a sly Irish small town policeman who gets involved with Mr. Cheadle's American FBI agent chasing drug smugglers. The whole film is low key and moves by in a lazy idle way much like the life in Mr. Gleeson's Irish hamlet. There are some good laughs, mostly at the expense of the American agent but the dark outweighs the comedy and is overall disappointing.

I'll stick with "In Bruges". A far better story, direction and chemistry between the leads.

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