Thursday, October 06, 2011


The business of Baseball done in a most entertaining way. Based on a true story, the film stars Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the real life GM of the Oakland Athletes baseball team and Jonah Hill as Peter Brand, an economist who joins the team in 2002. Using an economic foundation and playing by the numbers, they manage to reverse their losing streak and have a great season, well documented in baseball lore.

While the premise may not sound exciting, the smart script by Aaron Sorkin and Steve Zaillian engages the viewer even if they are not a big baseball fan. Mr. Pitt, himself, has enough charisma to fill a baseball stadium and it's obvious he's having fun with the part. His relationship with Mr. Hill is the closest thing you will get to a love story in this film (except for the love of the game itself) and Mr. Hill finally breaks his 'stoner comedy" mold with this role.

The director, Bennett Miller, keeps things moving briskly and the story never gets bogged down or goes over your head. While those who follow baseball may know the outcome, the film still entertains on many levels. Whether it be the players adjusting to new rules, Billy and Peter's partnership, Billy's relationship with his daughter or his commitment to making the new system successful, it's all great fun to watch.

"Moneyball" is a home run.

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