Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Underworld: Awakening

The 4th installment in this sci-fi thriller series is best remembered for star Kate Beckinsale's skintight black latex outfit filmed in 3D. Aside from that, the less said the better.

This is barely a 90 minute film that is one long fight sequence shot in dark blue tones with little enhancement by the 3D effects. Ms. Beckinsale as vampire Selene, is quite the adept fighter and gunslinger. In this 4th waste of time, she is protecting the hybrid child she never knew she had from her sworn enemy, the werewolves. This is the flimsy plot that only exists as an excuse to watch Ms. Beckinsale in action.

Ms. Beckinsale sat out the third film but I guess money changes everything. I expect the studio will continue making sequels as long as the cash rolls in. Let's hope they stop with "Underworld 10: Retirement Home".

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