Saturday, March 31, 2012


The best hockey film since "Slapshot". Come to think of it, have there actually been any others? This is based on the true story of Doug Smith (Doug Glatt in the film), a boxer who becomes a hockey enforcer. Doug is not a very good hockey player but he is an excellent fighter and every hockey team needs an enforcer to do the dirty work against the other team.

Doug is play by Seann William Scott in his best role to date. When he isn't punching someone's lights out, he shows some real range as the mild mannered and dim witted Doug (who comes alive only when he's doing what he does best...hitting people). He is joined by Jay Baruchel (who also produced and co-wrote the film) as his best friend Pat. Mr. Baruchel captures the Boston hockey fan stereotype perfectly and is very funny in the film. Also starring are Alison Pill as Doug's love interest, Kim Coates as the coach of the team and Liv Schreiber as a rival enforcer.

The movie has lots of hockey action, intense fight scenes on the ice, and some very funny scenes off the ice thanks to a clever script with memorable dialogue. It's full of colorful characters and while brutal at times, it is also very touching.

Hockey is far from my favorite sport but "Goon" keeps things interesting and fun. It's a lot better than watching an actual hockey game.

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