Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Avengers

      Comic book geeks assemble. This is the superhero movie you've been waiting for. The good news is that even an average film fan will enjoy  "The Avengers". A long time in the making, Marvel's master plan was to release individual superhero films  to eventually come together in this super group made up of Nick Fury, Iron Man, The Mighty Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, The Black Widow and Hawkeye. Anyone familiar with these characters will undoubtedly have a great time for two and half hours. Everyone else can still enjoy the escapist good time the film provides. 

        Directed with love and written for the screen by Joss Whedon, the film brings every hero together to defeat a common foe, Loki (the Asgardian God of Mischief) first introduced in "Thor" and played by Tom Hiddleston. The film takes it 's time to get going as too much dialog sets up the master plot, presumably for the audience living under a rock. But once it kicks into high gear it never looks back and provides plenty of action and some great one liners (delivered in majority by Robert Downy Jr. as Iron Man/Tony Stark).

         The special effects range from good to great at various points in the film. Case in point, The CGI Hulk who seems to constantly be changing size and bulk. His human side, Bruce Banner is played by Mark Ruffalo and he  spends most of the film moping about and trying to contain "the other guy". The CGI destruction of Midtown Manhattan is very well done although why is it always Manhattan? The film is in 3-D and actually works well in the medium. The colors and details really "pop".

          Screen time is divided pretty evenly so everyone can get their action spotlight although Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow, seems to have just a little bit more than everyone else. Although in her skintight suit, who can really complain? Male eye candy gets it's share in the presence of Chris Evans as Captain America and Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Also returning is superspy Nick Fury played by Samuel Jackson and master archer, Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner (also first introduced in Thor).

           In between battling Loki and his Alien army, there are verbal and physical sparring matches among the group which humanize the comic characters as well as provide lots of entertainment. It's hard to walk out disappointed and the good news, of course, is  the table is set for the inevitable sequel with the very brief appearance of a major Marvel villain.

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