Sunday, February 23, 2014


     This is the new foreign thriller from director Hany Abu-Assad ( Paradise Now ). Omar is a  Palestinian baker who becomes an informant for the Israeli military, jeopardizing his relationships with his two oldest friends, and his romance with the woman he plans to marry.  

      The story is more complicated than it sounds as the film balances a delicate love story with a political thriller taking place in contemporary Palestine.

      Adam Bakri  plays Omar and he is full of screen magnetism. He is an exciting actor to watch whether it's his tender scenes with his love, Nadia or scaling walls and jumping across rooftops being chased by the police. There are twists and red herrings and plenty of harrowing moments. The entire cast is very good in a topical inflammatory situation that has no easy answers. 

       Be warned there are a few violent sequences including a torture scene but they reflect the everyday potential for violence living in the West Bank. Despite the violent moments, the film is smart and exciting and worth your time. 
      "Omar" is nominated for Best Foreign Language film at this year's Oscars. It's a well deserved nomination.

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