Saturday, August 08, 2015

Fantastic Four

       Fantastic Flop is more like it. I don't remember the last time a film actually offended me because it was so bad. Here, four good actors are trapped in a fantastic foul-up of a film. Miles Teller plays Reed Richards. Mr. Teller was exceptional in "Whiplash". Now he is so miscast, it's criminal.  Jamie Bell plays Ben Grimm, otherwise known as The Thing. Again, good actor ridiculously miscast and the same can be said for Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm or Kate Mara as Susan Storm. There is no chemistry between them or the film with it's audience.

        The film runs 100 minutes. The first hour is all origin story (and not even the correct origin) with no action sequences at all. If this part of the film was a superhero, it's power would be boredom and the ability to put the audience to sleep.  The last 40 minutes contains a big action sequence where the heroes square off against Dr. Doom on a barren planet. It is a poorly conceived battle with the cheesiest CGI, seemingly left over from a 1970's arcade game. When The Thing shouts his signature line, it is forced and comes out of nowhere, losing all it's verbose appeal.

         20th Century Fox has only had success with The X-Men films. They can't get Spiderman right or The Fantastic Four forcing reboot after reboot and failing miserably every time. They should wise up and sell their rights back to Marvel studios who have shown they know what to do with their heroes.

           Do not waste your time or money on this "Forgettable Four".

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