Sunday, February 14, 2016


           Ryan Reynolds, you are totally forgiven for "Green Lantern".  This is the Marvel adaptation Mr. Reynolds has been trying to get made for years and his determination has finally paid off. This is a terrific live action version of "The Merc with a Mouth".

           Mr. Reynolds plays Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool perfectly. He has captured everything about the comic book character that fans have come to love. T.J. Miller plays his buddy Weasel and in a moment of inspired casting, Leslie Uggams plays Blind Al, his snarky roommate. Morena Baccarin, showing off her wild side, plays Wade's love interest, Vanessa. The film also features X-Men, Colossus (CGI created) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, played by Brianna Hildebrand. The featured villains are Ajax, played by Ed Skrein and Angel Dust played by Gina Carano.

            Fox studios has gambled with a very "R" rated comic book adaptation but everything about the film totally rocks. Yes, the language is harsh, the jokes dirty, the violence over the top but it is also so much fun and entertaining that you don't mind the bloodshed and cursing. The one-liners come so fast that the film will require a second viewing just to catch them all. Mr. Reynolds, in keeping with the spirit of the character, constantly breaks the "4th wall" speaking directly to the camera, which serves to really engage the audience.

             Deadpool is a "love em or hate em" kind of character and this film will not be for everyone but fans of the genre or the character himself will be thrilled with the results. Make sure you are there for the opening credits (the fun starts right away) and of course, stay for the credits for "anti" extra footage.

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