Tuesday, March 15, 2016


        Disney scores another smash with this wonderful new animated film. It is laugh out loud funny, filled with a great cast of animated animals, visually stunning, suspenseful and has a wonderful message of tolerance on many levels. 

         I don't remember the last time laughing out loud so much during a movie. The verbal and visuals puns come fast and furious, definitely requiring a second viewing to absorb it all. There are so many adult gags that you shouldn't write the film off as just a kid's animated film. It will appeal to an audience of any age. Embedded in the story are nods to "The Godfather", "Breaking Bad", and many more. It even pokes fun at another Disney blockbuster as well as a certain 20th Century Fox animated film franchise.

         The vocal talents are perfectly cast. The lead characters include  Jennifer Goodwin as the very perky and determined, Judy Hopps, the bunny who dreams of working for the Zootopia police force. Jason Bateman as a literal "sly" fox who reluctantly ends up helping Judy solve her first case. Idris Elba, plays gruff police Chief Bogo, a tough talking water buffalo. J. K. Simmons is the Lion Mayor and Jenny Slate is the Assistant Mayor, a sheep named Bellwether. And what's a Disney animated film without one or two songs, provided here by Shakira as Gazelle.

            The message of racial, social, and economic tolerance is pretty evident throughout and presented in such a way that that a viewer of any age (probably at least 5 and older) will understand. Younger children will appreciate the vibrant colors, the adorable animals and slapstick comedy, although may be scared during some of the sequences.

             I can't wait for the inevitable Zootopia Two. 

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