Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sing Street

      Writer/director John Carney ("Once" and "Begin Again") scores another hit with this joyous coming of age story set in Ireland in 1985.  The comedy/drama is filled with great music from the period as well as terrific original songs that play a major part in the story.

       15 Year old Connor (Ferdia  Walsh-Peelo), to impress Raphina ( Lucy Boynton), decides to start a band from scratch so she can be in their videos. Connor's older brother, Brendan ( Jack Reynor) teaches him about music and he recruits a bunch of misfits from his school to form "Sing Street". There are predictable ups and downs and some moments of melodrama but the overall mood of the film is very uplifting.

         Mr. Walsh-Peelo is charming as Connor and his singing improves as the film goes on. The rest of his band all have their quirky attributes and are fun to watch as their confidence grows with each new song. Ms Boynton is a young actress to watch and there is true chemistry between her and Mr. Walsh-Peelo.

         Mr. Carney knows his formula well and stays true to his vision. The original songs are terrific and he enlists some well known talent to help out on the soundtrack, including Adam Levine and Glenn Hansard. If you are looking for a feel good film, take a walk on "Sing Street."

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