Sunday, May 08, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

         The Marvel Studios juggernaut rolls on.  This latest installment in the Marvel film universe does not disappoint. Filled with terrific action sequences but anchored by an strong and emotional script, the film works on every level.

        While Captain America may be in the title, make no mistake, this is a full blown Avengers outing with the team choosing sides after the U.S. Government decides Superheroes should be regulated and not given free reign to act on their own. The concept is taken from a terrific event story line in the comics that was so successful, Marvel is launching a "Civil War II" this summer in the books.

       What works so well is the balance of screen time for the characters. While Captain America, The Winter Soldier, The Falcon and Iron Man have the majority of screen time, all the characters have excellent moments of their own including an "amazing" cameo or two. And the additional balance of emotion and gravitas to the action all make for a very well rounded film.

       You can argue illogical plot points but it's a superhero movie after all and you have already checked your logic at the door. This is pure escapism and fun so I can't argue a few origin changes to suit the story or illogical actions by the characters. Fans should be attending with full knowledge of the characters and backstories. If you are coming in as a novice, it's best to brush up on earlier films or the comic archives.

       Kudos to everyone at Marvel studios for getting their movies right. There is a grand plan in motion and so far, there hasn't been a misstep unlike a certain other brand. As they used to say in the old days, "Make Mine Marvel".

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