Sunday, July 24, 2016

Star Trek: Beyond

        A perfect film for a "30 Second Critic" review. The third in the Star Trek reboot series is directed by Justin Lin (Fast & Furious series) and features the original reboot cast. It does not need a deep analysis. It is pure fun from start to finish and the closest any Star Trek film has gotten to recreating an actual episode of the beloved series.

        The crew go on a rescue mission, things turn bad, a villain appears, etc... It is easy to sit back and enjoy. The villain this time out is played by Idris Elba, who, unfortunately is wasted under tons of makeup and restricted speech. But no matter, he is still threatening enough and creates enough havoc to keep the film suspenseful until the end.

         There is plenty of action and typical Star Trek humor and even a heartwarming nod to the original cast. I saw it in iMAX 3D and while the iMAX was terrific, I don't think the 3D did anything to really enhance the film. If you are a fan of the series, you will not be disappointed.

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