Saturday, September 03, 2016

Florence Foster Jenkins

       Based on a true story of a beloved New York socialite in 1944, who loved music and singing but had a terrible singing voice, this is a very entertaining film.

       Supported in her pursuit of a singing career by her husband, Ms. Jenkins hires a pianist to fulfill her dream.  Meryl Streep plays Florence and she is flawless as usual. It is uncanny how she continues to slip chameleon like into every role. Her husband, St. Clair is played by Hugh Grant, who is at the top of his charming self. The pianist, Mr. Cosme McMoon, is played by Simon Helberg (of TV's Big Bang Theory) , who's facial expressions are priceless every time Florence hits a sour note (which is often). There is terrific chemistry between the three leads and especially Ms. Streep and Mr. Grant.

      Whether it's St. Clair paying people off or Florence just winning them over with her warmth and charm, no one close to her can bear to tell her the truth and she continues to believe in her vocal abilities.

         It's an interesting and fun story anchored by terrific performances with just a touch of heartbreak and a nice change of pace from the usual summer film fare.

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