Sunday, October 23, 2016

Deepwater Horizon

Based on the 2010 oil rig disaster in the gulf of Mexico, this new drama recreates the event with amazing detail. Director Peter Berg realistically charts the events leading up to and during the explosion that destroys the Deepwater Horizon rig and tragically takes the life of eleven crew members. Watching the film, it's actually a miracle that more people weren't killed but for the survivors, it will still be a nightmare that will haunt their dreams for a lifetime.

Mark Wahlberg stars as Mike Williams along side Kurt Russell as Jimmy "Mr. Jimmy" Harrell. Mr. Jimmy runs the rig and Mr. Williams is one of his engineers. They both frantically try to rescue their fellow crew members and control the damage until it becomes clear they must try to save themselves too. The film also co-stars Gina Rodriguez as Andrea Fleytas, another crew member as well as Kate Hudson as Mike's worried wife back home. John Malkovich also co-stars as Donald Vidrine, the BP executive who orders the drilling to continue after routine tests show an irregularity.

Credit Mr. Berg and his team for recreating the amazing action sequences including the multiple explosions and the fire that follows. He sets up an emotional connection to the characters and when things go wrong, the audience is pulled right into the nightmare and concerned for every life.

You can read about these disasters and watch them on the news but this film does an excellent job of putting you right in the middle of one. It is extremely exciting and tremendously sad at the same time, when you realize what you are watching actually happened. You owe it to these brave souls to stay through the credits for a tribute to the crew that lost their lives as well as acknowledging the work of the entire film crew that brings the story to life with incredible realism.

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