Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Fountain

Contrary to expectations, "The Fountain" is not about the fountain of youth but rather The Tree of Life. Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz star as lovers in this sci-fi, time traveling love story. Jackman's acting is intense and serious but wasted in this metaphysical mess.

The plot (or what resembles a plot) moves between 16th century Spain, the present and the far future where Jackman must find The Tree of Life in order to save Weisz, who appears to be immortal but apparently, is not.

The best analogy I can offer describing this film is when you have an intense dream and wake in the middle of the night to write it all down. It makes sense at the time but when you read it back in the morning, it's incomprehensible. "The Fountain" is the result of writer/director, Darron Aronofsky's dream.

On a positive note, the art direction is excellent although the lighting is so dark for most of the film, you can't appreciate it. The whole thing is a 96 minute bore ruminating on immortality, faith, love and the healing power of tree sap. Don't bother drinking from this "Fountain".

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