Thursday, December 28, 2006

Children of Men

This is an intelligent but bleak vision of the future. Women are infertile and the human race faces extinction in a matter of years. The story takes place in and around London and the country is in chaos. All immigrants have been labeled illegal and are rounded up and placed in refugee camps. A rebel group, calling itself "The Fishes" is fighting back against the government and there are frequent bombings and firefights. The city is in ruins. Julianne Moore is one of the rebel leaders who recruits star Clive Owen to help with what might just be the future of mankind. Michael Caine co-stars as Owen's friend, an aging hippie, who provides help and shelter as the story progresses.

Filmed through a cold blue/gray lens, the story grows bleaker by the minute but it is Mr. Owen's new found hope for the future that drives him forward. His resolve becomes the audience's strength and we rally around him as he strives to complete his mission.

This was a risky film to release at the holidays as it certainly is far from cheery but along with solid acting and a smart script, it's ultimate message of hope for the future makes it worthy viewing.

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