Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Wire-Season 4

I don't usually write about a TV show but I just watched the finale of this year's "The Wire" on HBO and had to comment.

Nothing else on TV comes close to the brilliance of this show. Each season brings more depth and intelligence to an amazing drama. Every facet of this show is pure poetry. The acting, direction, writing, and even Baltimore itself as a character, never ring false. If you have "On Demand", start watching from the beginning. Rent or buy the first three seasons. If this season of The Wire were a feature film, it would blow away the competition at the Academy Awards.

It's too smart for television but HBO, to their credit, keeps it going. Season four is filled with so much raw emotion, heartbreak, and no easy answers that at times, you can't bring yourself to watch and yet, there is the glimmer of hope and a better tomorrow for some of the characters.

If you care about quality drama that will challenge and move you, get "wired up" now.

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