Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Red Road

Another new film from the New Directors/New Films Festival at Lincoln Center, "Red Road" centers on the particular path chosen by a lonely woman who works for the Glasgow, Scotland "City Eye" agency. Apparently Glasgow has surveillance cameras set up all over the city and "City Eye" monitors activity 24 hours a day.

When "Jackie", played by Kate Dickie glimpses a man from her past during her surveillance shift, it sets in motion a life changing series of events. To reveal more would spoil a terrific 3rd act when many answers come in unexpected ways.

The film is very slow to start. It's a deliberate act by the director to pull you into the boredom of Jackie's world. As the film progresses, the pace quickens and leads to a highly emotional payoff. This is a story of grief, forgiveness, redemption, and renewal. Kate Dickie is excellent as "Jackie", a woman longing for a closure buried deep inside her. Martin Compston, who showed promise in "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints", is volatile as "Stevie" and Tony Curran is terrific as "Clyde", a man with a terrible past trying to start again.

The strong Scottish accents are supported by subtitles for an American audience. Opens in limited release April 13th.


eric said...

RED ROAD opens on Friday, April 13 in NY.

30 Second Critic said...

Thanks for the update.