Sunday, April 01, 2007

Meet The Robinsons

The Disney machine cranks out another mass market advertisement for it's merchandising, theme parks, website and anything else it owns or can partner with to make a buck.

Expanding on a quote from from Walt himself, "Keep Moving Forward", "Meet The Robinsons" strings together plot points from other movies (liberally from "Back To The Future") to move the Disney machine forward. The plot is confusing for very small kids and mildly entertaining for older kids. The pop reference "in-jokes" are few and far between and the "twist" can be seen coming midway through the story.

When Lewis, the hero of the film, finally meets the Robinson family, he is introduced to a wide assortment of comic characters who are never fully developed resulting in an attitude of "who cares" about any of them. They all have individual oddities that have lots of potential which is never explored.

The saving grace for the film is the terrific animation and lively 3D effects (if you see it in 3D). Even without the 3D, the quality of the animation is still what you've come to expect from Disney. The film is preceded by a experimental 3D Donald Duck cartoon from 1953. In 3D or not, it's better than the feature film.

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