Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Opening this Friday in select theaters, "Joshua" is a creepy little drama that finds the horror in one family's seemingly normal life. Starring Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga as the parents of 9 year old Joshua and his newborn sister, Lilia, "Joshua" gets creepier and more disturbing as it goes along.

Mr. Rockwell is terrific as the average hard working dad (a big departure from his usual left of center roles) faced with an unthinkable reality and Ms. Faminga is equally good as a mother becoming unhinged by ordinary family problems complicated by something out of her control.

As the cracks begin to widen in this nuclear family, you begin to realize you are watching a very intelligent horror film, minus the gore and violence. There is nothing supernatural about the horror at work here and that reason alone makes the film even more disturbing.

"Joshua" pulls you in and keeps you on the edge as it builds to a surprising third act. It may raise more questions than it answers when it's over but it's a pretty intense ride along the way.

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