Monday, July 02, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

20 Years ago, Bruce Willis redefined the action hero in "Die Hard". Now, in the age of "24" and "Jack Bauer" type heroes, Mr. Willis does his best to show these wannabes how it's really done, as Detective John McClaine.

This is a perfect summer popcorn movie. Suspend your belief at the door, sit back and enjoy the great action sequences and witty banter between Mr. Willis and his co-star, Justin Long. This is far superior to "Die Hard With a Vengeance" but still pales to the original or even "Die Hard 2".

Using cyber terrorists as a plot line and giving Mr. Willis a young hacker "partner" works perfectly here to bridge the gap between generations viewing the film. Casting Kevin Smith in a small but critical role was a clever idea but you never buy him as a character named "Warlock". He's just Kevin Smith doing a cameo. The CGI work, for the most part, is pretty good and except for a few obvious spots, makes the film a visual thrill ride.

To quote villain, Timothy Olyphant, (who's good but no Alan Rickman) Detective McClaine may be "a Timex watch in a digital world" but he takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

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