Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bee Movie

Animated Seinfeld is better than no Seinfeld at all in this slightly bizarre new film. It's one thing to have cute animated bees talking and acting like humans but to create an interspecies love story (even if it is chaste) takes it to another level.

The plot was reminiscent of "Antz" starring Woody Allen. A young bee isn't satisfied with life in the hive and longs for something different. This takes him out of his own environment into a new world of adventures. This is where the story takes a very strange turn. Unlike "Antz", which stayed in the insect world, "Bee Movie" takes young Barry Beeson into the human world where he is easily accepted as a "talking" bee and spends time as a lawyer and airline pilot among other things.

Rene Zellweger is the voice of his human love interest, a florist named Vanessa. Also along for the ride (literally) is Chris Rock as a cocky mosquito and Matthew Broderick, as his best bee friend. There are visual cameos from Larry King, Sting and oddly enough, Ray Liotta. Oprah Winfrey also lends her voice to the part of a judge.

Kids will like the animation and the slapstick. Adults will enjoy the Seinfeld humor but find themselves distracted by the cross-species sub-plots.

Sorry but I can't resist....I give it a B.

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