Sunday, November 25, 2007


Disney has found a new way to mine box office gold. "Enchanted" borrows from Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and few of their other classics to come up with the tale of a cartoon damsel in distress banished to the reality of New York City.

Amy Adams is wonderful as Giselle, a lovely cartoon character about to marry her Prince Charming (or in this case, Edward) played by James Marsden. The film starts out animated but the characters soon find themselves come to life, in New York (due to the magic of the evil Queen, played by Susan Sarandon) where Giselle meets Patrick Dempsey, a single parent divorce lawyer.

Other animated characters end up in the real world too as the film rolls along to it's inevitable conclusion. There are many fun moments, especially in the beginning as the characters adjust to becoming "real". As I said, Amy Adams is wonderful as Giselle, lovely and bewildered at the same time. Mr. Marsden plays the vain and clueless Edward perfectly. Ms. Sarandon has a fine time camping it up as the evil Queen. Mr. Dempsey, on the other hand simply plays a lawyer version of his TV doctor, Derek Sheppard. To his defense, that's about what the role calls for. Indina Menzel is wasted as Nancy, Mr. Dempsey's fiancé. She simply isn't given much to do for someone with her talent.

Timothy Spall and Pip the chipmunk add comic relief. The film is colorful, features a few clever songs, and is simple fun. "Enchanted" is great for the kids and entertaining for adults as well.

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LemonDrops said...

I think the movie was okay.
I agree with most of your blog except when you say children and adults would like it.
I personally feel it's a little slow/weak for adults.