Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Am Legend

I am boring.... After an extremely promising start, "Legend" slows to a crawl until the big finish, which frankly, didn't really thrill me.

Will Smith is very good in the lead and almost only role. It's a different Will Smith, more serious, yet emotional and heroic. His German Shepherd companion is an extremely well trained and expressive animal.

The special effects are amazing and really give you a sense of a deserted New York City. The problem is, after the initial "wow" factor, you get used to it pretty quickly and the effect loses it's punch. The same can be said for the night creatures. They are terrifying at first and then just annoying.

There is one really terrific sequence outside Grand Central Station that was truly exciting but Will's loneliness and boredom is so realistic that it carries over to the audience.

The one truly frightening thing about the film is that many doctors believe the premise of the film will actually come to pass. It's not a question of what if, but rather, when.

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