Monday, December 24, 2007


A sharp script and terrific performances highlight this comedy about a pregnant teenager. The film is intelligent and there is never a false note in the performances.

The film stars Ellen Page as Juno, the 16 year old learning about love and life even as a new life begins to grow inside her. Ms. Page was terrific in "Hard Candy" and and with each new film, she continues to show a maturity beyond her years. "Juno" also stars Michael Cera as "Bleeker", Juno's best friend, responsible for impregnating her. Mr. Cera owns the part of the sweet, awkward teen whether it's "Superbad" or "Arrested Development". No one does it better.

As for the adults in the film, J.K. Simmons and Allison Janey play Juno's understanding dad and caring step-mom. Jennifer Garner and Jason Batemen play a childless couple looking to adopt Juno's baby. The entire cast is just perfect and all show a new side to the type of characters they usually play.

Besides the clever writing, the film also boasts a terrific soundtrack, with original songs provided by Kimya Dawson, of the band "Moldy Peaches". "Juno" captures the language and rhythms of today's teenagers in a very honest way and the music is a perfect compliment to the story.

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