Sunday, August 10, 2008

Frozen River

A new independent drama starring Melissa Leo, "Frozen River" is a bleak yet gripping drama of life in New York State, on the Canadian border.

Ms. Leo stars as Ray, a mother of two boys struggling to make ends meet. When circumstances pair her with Lila, an Indian woman who smuggles illegal's across a frozen river from Canada, their lives become intertwined in a unlikely yet necessary relationship.

Life is hard near the border and the film pulls no punches. Ms. Leo gives a raw and powerful performance as a woman running out of options to protect her family. Misty Upham co-stars as Lila, who also gives an terrific performance. The bond that develops between these two woman is the core of the story.

There are many suspenseful moments in the film and the winter cinematography will have you chilled to the bone. The subject matter may be bleak but propelled by the strong acting, "Frozen River" won't disappoint if you like good drama.

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