Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Journey To The Center of The Earth 3D"

Brendan Frasier stars as a scientist looking to prove his brother's theories about the center of the earth. He takes his nephew, played by Josh Hutchison on a trip to Iceland following his brother's information. Before you can say, "look out below", they are falling to the center of the earth along with their cute Icelandic guide.

The film has a long set up, some terrific action sequences in the middle and wraps everything up neatly. What really makes the film entertaining is the 3D. It is truly exciting and fun to watch with the newest of 3D technology. Everything from yo-yo's to flying killer fish and dinosaur spit come flying off the screen and seemingly into your lap. The CGI backgrounds make for a visually stimulating environment and once our heroes begin their "journey", the action is pretty non-stop. They do borrow liberally from other films, like the ride through the mine in Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom" but the 3D takes it to another level.

Definitely a fun summer film for the whole family as long as you leave your logic at the door.

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