Sunday, February 15, 2009


Brilliant stop motion animation brings Neil Gailman's book to the screen. The film is being shown in 3D at most theaters and it is a visual treat.

The story starts out fairly normal but once Coraline Jones discovers an alternate world hidden behind a wall panel in her new house, things begin to get very weird. It's a cautionary tale of "be careful of what you wish for" and it's beautifully crafted.

Dakota Fanning does the voice work for Coraline and Teri Hatcher provides the voice of her mother. Also lending their vocal talents are Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, and Ian McShane.

The film doesn't stoop to 3D tricks just for the effect. It does use the technique to add more depth to the animation and is only really playfully used during the end credits.

The film may not be suitable for small children as the story gets progressively weirder and creepier as it goes on. It is a great companion piece for "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Corpse Bride".

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