Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wendy & Lucy

Co-written and directed by Kelly Reichardt, "Wendy & Lucy" is a simple, yet poignant story of hardship in America today. Michelle Williams stars as Wendy, a young woman down on her luck, traveling through the Pacific Northwest with her dog Lucy.

The film pulls no punches and plays more like a documentary than a drama. Wendy becomes stranded in a small town and her economic situation has huge ramifications for both her and Lucy. At times, dire and hard to watch, there are moments of tenderness and what passes as friendship to give one hope and restore faith in humanity.

Ms. Williams does a remarkable job as Wendy. Everything about her performance is real and very raw. It is an Oscar worthy performance, unfortunately just overshadowed by Melissa Leo in "Frozen River". The two women, respectively, share performances of such depth and realism, it must have been a hard choice for Academy voters to award that last nomination.

Ms. Reichardt provides no easy answers but such is life in this sad and moving story.

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