Sunday, March 08, 2009


A pseudo documentary about the criminal activities of the Camora, street level mafia gangs that populate the area around Naples, Italy. The film focuses on six different characters in four main subplots that rotate throughout the film. This is not linear storytelling and won't appeal to the average film fan. If you are a fan of the HBO show, "The Wire", this film may appeal to you.

There are no heroes or heroines and actually, no redeeming characters at all. All the characters are caught up in the violent way of life and it's just a matter of who lives and who dies by the end of the film. The subplots introduce us to characters of all ages from the young boy making a dangerous life decision to the old man looking for a way out of the only life he's known.

This is not the Hollywood idea of the "Mafia". This is a grim, realistic portrait of a brutal life and while not a film to enjoy, it is certainly a fascinating two hour glimpse into this very real existence.

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