Sunday, March 08, 2009

The International

With the exception of a exciting shoot out in a NY icon, this film is a "Bourne" clone without the action.

Clive Owen does an admirable job playing the action hero. It's just a shame there is not much action. The film is all talk and you need to pay attention to follow the story. Naomi Watts co-stars in a unnecessary role just so Mr. Owen has an additional person to talk to about the plot.

The story concerns an international bank that is up to it's books in shady, criminal activities and Mr. Owen is determined to get his interest's worth bringing them down. The best thing that can be said is the film is truly international taking the viewer on a world tour from New York to various European locations.

This is the kind of "thriller" that dominated the '60's. If "The International" had been made back then, it would have starred Michael Caine and you probably would have rushed out to see it. Today, you can wait for the DVD.

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