Sunday, June 28, 2009

Year One

Director Harold Ramis tries for a "Blazing Saddles" vibe in this new comedy but completely misses the mark. By combining contemporary language and references in an early historical setting, Mr. Ramis expects big laughs. It just doesn't work.

To begin with, the story is a mess. It's starts with what appears to be cavemen, played by Jack Black and Michael Cera banned from their tribe and turns into biblical skits that fall short of laughs and ends in Roman times in the city of Sodom (which I'm not sure is historically correct either). What really kills any hope of a coherent film is the terrible editing. Multiple scenes literally stop in their tracks leaving the viewer to wonder what happened next.

Mr. Black doesn't bother with acting and relies heavily on his frat boy shtick. If you're a fan of his style of humor, this film is for you. Mr. Cera fares somewhat better, actually eliciting laughs with his timing and deadpan humor. However, he deserves far better than having to urinate on his own face for laughs.

The film co-stars Oliver Platt (in the most embarrassing role of his career) as a gay high priest and David Cross as "Cain" who serves as a plot device to further the lame story.

If you want to laugh, watch the trailer and skip the movie.

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