Monday, June 08, 2009


Pixar does it again. The track record for this studio is simply amazing. I never expected the emotional impact of "Wall-E" and I never would have believed an animated film starring and old man and a boy would be such a touching and emotional thrill ride.

Up is an original story with so many adult themes, you can't simply dismiss this as a kid's film. Realizing one's dreams, dealing with loss, reconnection, love, faith, friendship, and the importance of a strong garden hose all come together in one man's quest to fulfill a dream.

The opening montage that sets up the story is beautifully written and very emotional. It will, however, go way over the heads of small children like the thousands of colorful balloons that carry our hero, Carl Fredrickson off on his adventure. The emotional plot continues as a genuine and touching relationship develops between Carl and his accidental guest, Russell.

Besides the emotion, "Up" is filled with exciting chases and many funny moments (provided by in large by "Dug" the dog and "Kevin" the bird). The menacing dogs may frighten young kids but the lighter moments of the film more than make up for it.

And I can't say enough about the animation. I saw the film in 3-D and the effect is not used for cheap visual gags but rather to enhance the colors, depth and detail of this wonderful film.

"Up" will not let you down.

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