Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Complicated

Rich white woman fairy tale with a charming Alec Baldwin and a very natural Meryl Streep. Nobody does "chick flicks" for adult women better than writer/director Nancy Meyers. However her films never seem to take place in the "real world". You have to laugh when Ms. Streep explains to her architect, "now I can have a real kitchen" when the one she is standing in comes right out of Architecture Digest. And this is also an alternative universe where minorities don't exist.

Steve Martin co-stars as a potential love interest for Ms. Streep who, after 10 years, is suddenly having an affair with her ex-husband played by Mr. Baldwin. Once again, the trailer gives you the best bits but John Krasinski provides much comic relief not seen in the trailers. Even if you know what's coming, the movie is still light and fun, even if unrealistic outside of certain circles.

If not for the A-list cast, this would have made a fine Lifetime Channel film. The principles elevate it beyond that and it does have it's charms. Who can resist Meryl Streep exclaiming "turns out I'm a bit of a slut"

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